Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tag: FSC

Cancer Claims Data – Life Companies Pay $1.55 billion+ in June 2019 Year

The Financial Services Council has released new life insurance claims data highlighting Australia’s 10 most claimed cancers, as World Cancer Day is acknowledged around...

FSC Supports Making Insurance Claims Handling a Financial Service

The Financial Services Council has gone on record in support of Recommendation 4.8 of the Banking Royal Commission which makes insurance claims handling a...

Bushfire Victims to be Treated as Vulnerable Customers – FSC

Life insurers will treat people making a claim related to the bushfires as vulnerable customers who need additional support, under the FSC Life Insurance...

Australian Bushfires – Finding Lost Life Insurance Policies

The Financial Services Council has launched a new service for Australians and their loved ones to use if life insurance policy details have been...