TAL Diabetes Training Initiative

TAL has announced it has developed an education course enabling financial advisers to get the best outcomes for clients who are impacted by diabetes.

In a release issued last week to coincide with National Diabetes Week, the insurer said that its diabetes course for advisers is run through the TAL Risk Academy and presented by its Chief Medical Officer, Dr Priya Chagan.

According to the release from TAL, the course for advisers focuses on understanding the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes as well as the medical terminology relevant when underwriting and when assessing product definition requirements at claims time.

TAL’s GM for Health Services, Dr. Sally Phillips, said the course aims to up-skill advisers on the specifics of the medical condition so they can help their clients choose the right insurance cover for their situation at underwriting time and best support clients if they need to claim.

Dr Phillips added, “By equipping our adviser partners and their clients with this knowledge, we are empowering our customers to live the best life they can through good health.”

TAL notes the course can be accessed through its Risk Academy on-demand webinar, which takes one hour and carries one CPD point, accredited through both the AFA and FPA.