TAL Waives Premiums For Drought Struck Farmers

TAL will offer a six-month premium waiver to drought affected farmers in New South Wales and Queensland who qualify for Federal Government assistance.

TAL Group Chief Executive and Managing Director, Brett Clark

The waiver offer will be available to existing TAL customers who hold a policy directly with the insurer or through a financial adviser, and for customers with TAL’s Insuranceline and Alliance partner products.

To be eligible, customers must qualify for the Federal Government’s Farm Household Allowance and live in a drought-declared area in in NSW or Queensland, and need to apply during the application period which begins on 1 September 2018 and runs to 30 November 2018.

TAL stated that customers can apply by contacting its customer service centres via phone or email or via their adviser where applicable, and will need to provide documentation that they are receive the Farm Household Allowance.

TAL Group Chief Executive and Managing Director, Brett Clark said, “We understand that in these challenging circumstances, every dollar counts, and we are proud to support farmers in NSW and Queensland who are impacted by the drought”.

“This support will ensure that farmers in drought affected areas and their families can maintain the life insurance cover they need and provide some financial relief during this difficult time,” he added.

Further details and contact information for TAL customers can be found here: www.tal.com.au