OnePath Named as Consumer’s Choice

OnePath has been named as the leading life insurer among consumer policy holders and claimants at the third annual Consumer Choice Awards.

Beddoes Institute, Founder, Dr Rebecca Sheils

The Awards, which are a joint initiative of the AFA and the Beddoes Institute, named OnePath as the 2018 Consumer’s Choice, a title won by Zurich in 2017 and BT Financial Group in 2016.

OnePath was also named as the winner in the Best Turnaround Time category and was a finalist in the Best New Customer Service, Most Satisfied Customer, Best Application Process, Best Claims Staff and Return to Health and Wellness Awards.

ClearView was named as runner-up for the overall award having also won four awards – Best New Customer Service, Most Satisfied Customer, Best Application Process and Best Claims Staff – and was also named as a finalist for three other awards.

Other insurers to receive an award were AIA Australia for Value for Money and BT Financial Group for Return to Health and Wellness and Focus on Early Intervention.

Beddoes Institute Director, Dr Rebecca Sheils said through the awards consumers had identified insurers that had excelled over the last year, and the winners were based on the 2018 Beddoes Institute Policyholder Perceptions Study and Claims Customer Journey Study. These studies uncovered the life insurers that delivered product, service and claims experiences that were highly rated by life insurance policy holders and claimants.

The Policyholder Choice Awards recognise outstanding customer service and education, health and wellness programs, communication and other consumer-focused initiatives conducted by insurers, while the Claimant Choice Awards recognise outstanding service of IP, Trauma and TPD claimants, including claims processing, early intervention, support and holistic care.

Shiels said the leading Consumer Choice Award included all these factors and also looked at a wider range of weighted metrics across the entire consumer experience with a life insurer to produce the award winner.

AFA Chief Executive, Philip Kewin said the Association was pleased to bring the voice of consumers to the advice community via the Awards, adding, “The experience of consumers helps identify the insurers who are exceeding expectations, which in turn helps the industry as a whole to continue to raise product and service standards”.

Consumer Choice Award

  • Winner: OnePath
  • Finalists: ClearView

Policyholder Choice Awards

Value for Money

  • Winner: AIA Australia
  • Finalists: CommInsure, ClearView

Best New Customer Service

  • Winner: ClearView
  • Finalists: MLC Life, OnePath

Most Satisfied Customer

  • Winner: ClearView
  • Finalists: OnePath, Zurich

Claimant Choice Awards

Best Application Process

  • Winner: ClearView
  • Finalist: OnePath, BT Financial Group

Best Turnaround Time

  • Winner: OnePath
  • Finalists: AMP, ClearView

Best Claims Staff

  • Winner: ClearView
  • Finalists: BT Financial Group, OnePath

Return to Health and Wellness

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Finalists: AMP, OnePath

Focus on Early Intervention

  • Winner: BT Financial Group
  • Finalists: AMP, ClearView