Campaign Seeks to Deliver Positive Advice Message


A passionate team of advisers is seeking support for a new campaign to help restore confidence in financial advice.

The Positivity for Planners campaign aims to restore consumer confidence in advice
The Positivity for Planners campaign aims to restore consumer confidence in advice

The Positivity for Planners campaign has been developed by advisers Melinda Houghton and Daryl La’Brooy, and consultant Rachel Staggs, and aims to spread the ‘good word’ about what advisers do for clients every day.

Featuring real life examples of financial advice success stories, the campaign will be shared across a variety of formats, including video, cartoons, podcasts and articles.

The campaign’s designers are seeking funding via crowdsourcing platform, and hope to raise at least $10,000. The money will be used to pay creative artists and to buy ‘air time’.

“We know we do a great job, we know we help people, and we know that the work we do changes people’s lives. We also know that the majority of advisers are ethical and hardworking. We want to assure our clients, both current and potential, that a lot of good comes from engaging a financial adviser,” Ms Houghton and Mr La’Brooy said in a statement released this week.

…we are using the power of personal stories…

“We’re an easy target for media, so we are proposing to use the media’s own methods to change the perception some people have of our profession. In other words, we are using the power of personal stories, human stories, to get our very positive message across.

“There is so much good to talk about, but no-one is saying it for us, so we want to say it ourselves on behalf of our clients. We think it’s important that our industry runs this campaign so that more people are confident in getting more quality advice.”

To find out more or to contribute to the campaign, click here.


  1. This is exactly what the FPA and AFA should be doing ,shouting and screaming about the positives for our industry,and telling the knowalls who are running this negative campaign that we are becoming so bogged down with legislation that time spent looking after clients is becoming harder to find,with no benefit in remuneration.

    • Hi, thanks for your support of the campaign, please pledge & share to make it work. The Associations are lobbying for us, this campaign is a bit different. It is our belief that we all need to assist in fixing the perception of our profession.
      As this campaign is not aligned to any association, product provider, licensee, or type of adviser, we are free to promote good advice without any conflicts or vested interests.
      A little from every planner and support provider will make this work without hurting anyone too much, but just commenting on who should be doing what won’t actually change anything.
      It is time to take action for ourselves, and not to leave it to anyone else.
      Thanks again,

  2. This is a great initiative to support the work of advisers and I agree with Graham above.

    This is exactly what membership to the AFA and FPA should have been achieving.

    Instead, over many years they have practiced of self servicing art to act as representatives of advisers and cower to the industry controllers and government plebs.

    Ask a client what they think of their adviser and in most cases they will provide a positive response.

    But when lobbed together in a single representative group, all advisers become fodder for the media and minority groups to take aim at and score points.

    Ask a widow if she ever had enough insurance on her husband or vice versa, if a husband had enough on his wife. If the income protection saved their home form repossession or paid all the medical bills.

    Advisers need to become their own PR agents and ask for testimonials and promote their stories to the public. Everyone loves a hard luck story followed up by a great outcome.

    Television reporters do it all the time. Advisers need to constantly be in front of their clients through email or news letter or even video and promote their other clients or the latest protection or innovation. People want to be kept informed even if it is indirect.

    Congratulations on the campaign “The Positivity for Planners” and those involved Melinda Houghton, Daryl La’Brooy, and consultant Rachel Staggs,

    FPA and AFA – stand up and contribute to the well being and livelihood of those whose membership you profess to represent. It’s time to contribute to something worthwhile!

    • It is obviously important for the Associations to represent us. It is just as important for us to take action for ourselves.
      We would love to include some of the positive stories you have in the output to help consumers understand, but if we don’t get enough pledges (any size) we won’t have the outlet you are all looking for. Lets use this as a new kind of representative group. Representing the positive stories.
      So please keep up with your passion, but direct it to helping consumers understand that it is not all negative.
      Thanks for your support, now please PLEDGE AND SHARE also.

  3. Congratulations on the campaign “The Positivity for Planners” and those involved Melinda Houghton, Daryl La’Brooy, and consultant Rachel Staggs,

    I concur the AFA and FPA should be leading.

    • Thanks for your support, we are really grateful you like our crazy idea.
      The best support you can give though is to please PLEDGE AND SHARE if you haven’t already done so.
      Let’s take control of the content going into the media for ourselves for a change.
      Any pledge amount is welcome, if 10% of financial advisers put in an average of $100 each we will easily meet our target, and help with #PerceptionCorrection.

      And how about we lead the Associations by showing them what can be done?
      Cheers, Melinda

  4. I’ve just got off the phone from an Adviser who was asking why the Associations aren’t spreading the word about the good work Advisers do and where all the TV ad’s are from the various Dealer Groups – I can’t answer that but I can say that I do believe a co-ordinated approach would be a marvelous thing! As one of my mentors once said, ” You can’t boil the ocean!”.

    What we can do though is get more clients talking about the great work that Advisers do – word of mouth marketing at it’s core and that’s exactly what Melinda and Daryl’s initiative “Positivity for Planners” aims to achieve.

    This campaign is geared towards telling the positive stories about the value of advice and what it is an Adviser can actually do for people – real client stories from real clients.

    Massive well done to all involved and all that have pledged!


  5. The beauty about the campaign once we raise the money is that the client stories we film will by pass the main stream media and go straight to the various social media platforms and people who aren’t clients will get to hear the good news stories first hand. It will also give those advisers who support the campaign unbranded material (real life stories) that they can place on their websites and send to their networks, clients and centres of influence. So there will be tangible material for all supporters of this campaign which can be used by them to help their practices. Again as Melinda has asked above, please pledge and share.

  6. This has the potential to be the single greatest agent for positive transformation of the Financial Planning industry in Australia to date.

    Having been involved since the very early days of this project, I am amazed that 4 days in and we are not far from reaching $10,000.

    My goal is to see the industry impact twice as many lives as it does now and this project can create a space for this to happen.

    Everyone can make a difference and support the cause. Do that we won’t only reach $100,000 we will exceed it!

    This is not just for the self employed financial planners in out there. This is for anyone with an interest in financial planning. If you have an interest in financial planning it is in your best interests to support this cause.

    I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside some awesome people like Melinda, Daryl and Rachel. Together Everyone Achieves More!

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