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New Advice Business Buy/Sell Option Gaining Traction

Finance to buy a financial advice business is seemingly harder to source as traditional lenders appear to have raised their minimum loan requirements, according to John Birt of Radar Results. (more…)

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3 · January 21, 2020 in General  

Advisers Should Consider Multiple Remuneration Structures – Research

New research released by MetLife Australia reveals ‘commission’ isn’t a dirty word, but suggests financial advisers should consider implementing a range of payment options to suit the individual needs of clients. (more…)

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9 · January 21, 2020 in General, Remuneration  
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Bushfire Victims to be Treated as Vulnerable Customers – FSC

Life insurers will treat people making a claim related to the bushfires as vulnerable customers who need additional support, under the FSC Life Insurance Code of Practice, the Financial Services Council has announced. (more…)

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0 · January 17, 2020 in General  

Bushfires – Life Insurers Pledge Wide-Ranging Support and Waivers

Life insurers are pledging to help bushfire victims and volunteer workers through a range of different initiatives and support services. (more…)

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0 · January 16, 2020 in General  

Bushfires – FPA to Launch Pro Bono Support Programme

The Financial Planning Association of Australia is in the process of establishing a pro bono programme where members can volunteer their time to help Australians impacted by the bushfires rebuild financially. (more…)

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0 · January 10, 2020 in General  

Australian Bushfires – Finding Lost Life Insurance Policies

The Financial Services Council has launched a new service for Australians and their loved ones to use if life insurance policy details have been lost or destroyed as a result of the devastating bushfires. (more…)

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0 · January 10, 2020 in General  

3,000+ Adviser Exits From Major Institutions – New Report

Major regulatory action post the Royal Commission, combined with strategic exits by major banks along with a 50 percent increase in exits from major institutions, is transforming the shape of the financial advice industry, according to the 2nd Australian Financial Advice Landscape Report by Adviser Ratings. (more…)

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0 · January 8, 2020 in Compliance & Regulation, General  

Life Companies Offer Relief for Bushfire Victims

A number of  life insurance companies have announced a variety of measures to help their customers affected by the immense scale of the nation’s bushfire events. (more…)

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0 · January 8, 2020 in General  

Adviser Pricing Model Update

Elixir Consulting has launched a new survey to collect data from financial advisers on their pricing models. (more…)

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· December 18, 2019 in General  

Best Initiatives in 2019

In what has been identified by many in the life insurance and advice sectors as a very tough year, Riskinfo has identified its three best initiatives for 2019. (more…)

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0 · December 17, 2019 in General