Poll Results – Advisers Opt for Status Quo


Following the May 18 Federal Election, which Government will deliver a better financial services industry for advisers and consumers?

  • A returned Coalition Government (77%)
  • It doesn't make any difference (15%)
  • A new Labor Government (4%)
  • Not sure (3%)

Most advisers believe a returned Coalition Government after the May election will deliver a better outcome for advisers and consumers.

In what is a very similar result to the poll we ran in 2016, almost eight in ten advisers taking part in our poll (78 percent) think the present Government will deliver a better financial services industry in future for advisers and consumers.

Comparing our 2016 and 2019 polls, there are a few more votes in 2019 to retain the Coalition and a few less saying it won’t make any difference.

Like 2016, however, a new Labor Government is only seen by a very small percentage of advisers (three percent) as being better for the industry and consumers.

Here’s another reminder of the outcome of our 2016 poll asking the same question:

One of the key differences between the Coalition and ALP policies is in the area of adviser remuneration, whether it relates to how to resolve issues around grandfathered investment and superannuation commissions following the FoFA reforms or the future of life insurance commissions if ASIC delivers an adverse finding in its 2021 review.

Other policy differences exist between the two major Parties, but their differing stance when it comes to adviser remuneration is perhaps the most high-profile and significant in terms of the future shape of the advice sector.

Our own poll remains open for another week, as the Federal Election poll tightens slightly, but where Federal Labor remains the favourite to form a new Government after the May 18 election…