Zurich Launches New Wellness Program

Zurich has launched the industry’s latest health and wellness program, called LiveWell.

Designed, according to the insurer, “…to empower and reward life insurance customers who take steps to improve and maintain their physical and mental wellness,” LiveWell is an app-based program which provides tools for individuals across three wellness pillars:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Community

By logging activity across these pillars through the LiveWell app, Zurich says members can progress through different membership tiers and qualify for discounts on their Zurich life insurance.

It says customers also have access to “…generous discounts through chosen retail and wellness partners such as The Iconic and Jenny Craig, together with Loving Life; Zurich’s lifestyle and dining rewards program.”

The launch release notes eligible activity in the program includes daily steps, cycling, reading articles, doing a fun run or donating blood. It says members are supported across these activities with tools such as activity trackers, guided meditations, medical encyclopaedias, healthy recipes and lifestyle quizzes.

Zurich’s Head of Propositions, Tim Howell, said “As a life insurer we are very much part of the ecosystem that supports the physical, emotional and of course financial wellbeing of individuals and communities.

“And whilst physical and mental wellness brings its own rewards we want to offer our support and encouragement to our customers along their own wellbeing journey”, he added.

Zurich asserts the breadth of its program – and the subsequent ease with which members can be rewarded – stands it apart from similar offerings in the life insurance market:

…the LiveWell program recognises the concept of the ‘whole person’

“Rather than a one dimensional focus on physical activity goals, the LiveWell program recognises the concept of the ‘whole person’ being central to wellbeing,” said Howell, adding:

“Rewarding customers for their community contribution, whether it be doing a charity fun run, giving blood or even volunteering for the cause that’s close to their heart, is therefore not only unique, it also makes complete sense.”

Zurich notes its new health and wellness program is currently available to new customers of Zurich’s Wealth Protection, Sumo and Active products. It has also flagged that the launch of this initiative into the Australian market marks a first for the insurer and is a part of the global innovation program it is developing.