AdviserLogic Releases Reimagined Digital SoA Production Suite

AdviserLogic has released a reimagined digital SoA production suite which CEO, Daniel Gara, says has “thrown off the shackles of old-fashioned SoA production”, replacing it with a system that is designed for maximum compliance control and ease of use.

AdviserLogic CEO and Founder, Daniel Gara …providing an end-to-end advice workflow

He said SoAs will now be delivered to clients as a secure, personalised website as well as a PDF, explaining AdviserLogic has been re-architected as an end-to-end advice workflow, incorporating strategy selection, comprehensive research and full document tailoring.

Gara explained that as each strategy is recommended, the adviser will be able to see the relevant chapter of the SoA on-screen and either change the inputs or, if preferred, modify the output. 

Editing is handled within the software, he added, ensuring AFSLs retain a precise line of sight on what recommendations are made to clients.

AdviserLogic will be equipped with digital signing capability and integrated with third-party pre-vetting software to deliver real-time checks and confidence to AFSLs, advisers and their clients.

“…it’s time for digital advice to go mainstream.”

“The way AdviserLogic now steps advisers through each strategy, ensuring that all relevant inputs are collected makes the whole process so easy to use,” said Gara.

“There are no more tricks to learn – it just works. Today we’ve proven that the future is with us and that it’s time for digital advice to go mainstream.”

In related news, Morningstar announced plans on 4 November to acquire AdviserLogic and is due to complete at the end of the month.