Key Role for Advisers in Communicating Govt’s Coronavirus Support Package


AFA CEO, Philip Kewin, says there is much in the Government’s Coronavirus support measures package that financial advisers can communicate to their clients and work closely with them to leverage.

He says that this will be a time when “…the value of having access to a financial adviser will be crystal clear”.

Kewin’s statement notes that the AFA warmly welcomes the economic support measures announced by the Federal Government and the State Governments.

AFA’s Philip Kewin.

…keep up the great work and look after yourself

It says it is pleased that the government has decided to reduce the minimum pension drawdown rate, which was a measure it recently recommended to the Government.

“We appreciate the huge toll that this is having on the Australian community and our own financial advice profession, that is working so hard to support their clients.  Please keep up the great work and look after yourself,” the statement says.