Who Advisers Trust the Most – Poll Results


Over the past few years who have you most relied on for offering support and advice around setting your pricing model?

  • Myself (53%)
  • My close peer group (23%)
  • My licensee (10%)
  • Other or N/A (6%)
  • My clients (5%)
  • My business coach (3%)
  • My industry association (1%)

Australian financial advisers are a very self-reliant group who trust their own judgement and that of their peers, going by our latest poll results.

We asked advisers who they have most relied on in recent years, for offering support and advice around setting their pricing model, and nearly two thirds of respondents said they rely on themselves or a close peer group.

Some 53 percent rely on solely their own judgement while another 20 percent will approach their close peer group.

Only 11 percent rely on their licencee and five percent on a business coach.

Meanwhile three percent will ask their clients but no advisers taking our poll relied on their industry association.

We posed the question after a virtual webinar (which discussed whether the pricing model for financial advice needed to change) posed the same question.

The results from the webinar, which was hosted by The Advice Movement’s Steve Crawford, and featured Elixir Consulting’s Andrew George and Graham Burnard, were much closer than in our poll.

That result saw 33 percent relying on a close peer group and 32 percent relying on themselves while 13 percent turned to their licensee for advice and 10 percent to a business coach.


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