New Accreditation for Advice on Financial Abuse


A new accreditation has been launched for advisers seeking greater skills and competency when helping clients exposed to financial abuse.

The unique designation is that of Financial Abuse Specialist™, developed by UK firm, Standards International*, headed by best practice specialist, Michelle Hoskin, in conjunction with Australian adviser, Amanda Cassar.

Australian adviser and global financial abuse ambassador, Amanda Cassar

…financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale

A statement accompanying the launch of the new certification this month noted that financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale and that this form of abuse can occur irrespective of someone’s socio-economic status, level of education, race, gender or ethnicity.

The course, which can be completed online from any country in the world, is designed to educate advisers around the nature of financial abuse via:

  • Subject reading
  • Links to additional resource materials
  • A series of powerful video case studies

Some of the topics and information contained in the coursework include:

  • Who does financial abuse Impact?
  • What does it look like?
  • Elder abuse
  • Why does financial abuse go unreported?
  • How prevalent is it?
  • Why should advisers care?
  • Warning signs of financial abuse
  • What to include in an Escape Plan
  • What to include in your own procedure for advising on financial abuse

For each applicant who signs-up for the course, a donation will be made to Global Citizen, which is an organisation that works to increase education and eradicate poverty worldwide in line with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Advisers can click here to learn more details and here to register your expression of interest.

*Standards International also launched a global designation for paraplanners in 2018 (see: Launch of New International Paraplanning Standard).


  1. I think I qualify already without doing anything. I have had a great education in this.!
    I have been financially abused for the past 4-5 years by all those who think its in the best interests of industry and clients.
    Who ?? Where do I start ?

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