Kaplan Professional Holds Pricing Firm


Education provider, Kaplan Professional, has made a commitment that it will not increase its retail subject enrolment fees for the FASEA education requirements and has guaranteed this decision will not be looked at until 2022.

The company says in a statement that more than 2,000 advisers have been enrolled in each of its six annual intakes since the FASEA education requirements were confirmed, with enrolments further increasing during the pandemic.

Brian Knight.

It adds that since the beginning of the FASEA regime it has been cognisant of the burden placed on licensees and advisers and had reduced subject enrolment fees; supported corporate groups with negotiated pricing and allowed advisers to lock in the price of their subject enrolment fees for the lifetime of their qualification.

Kaplan Professional CEO Brian Knight says the vast majority of advisers have provided feedback that they just have to move forward and get on with meeting the FASEA requirements, even in the current environment.

Kaplan’s continued focus is to help advisers grow their confidence to tackle both the FASEA exam and the education requirements, the company says.