New Estate Planning Service for Advisers


Legal solutions provider The Legal Hub has launched a new service which allows advisers to outsource their clients’ estate planning needs.

According to the firm, the new service, called Legal Concierge, offers advisers’ clients quality advice at reduced fees from the member firms of The Legal Hub, but without the adviser having to facilitate the client through the estate planning process.

It says the process allows advisers to generate a dedicated link they can email their clients that invites the client to register with the Legal Concierge, with the adviser being identified so that they can be kept up to date on the client’s estate planning progress.

The Legal Hub’s Brant Dillon …offering a potential fee option for some risk specialists

The firm says the service also allows an adviser to send the link to referral partners who may want to offer it to their clients where “…again the adviser will be identified and notified of any clients who join, allowing them to address other advice needs.”

…not every adviser has the time and resources to deliver this service to all clients

Legal Hub Director Brant Dillon says estate planning provides advisers with the opportunity to ensure their client’s entire wealth plan is protected “…but not every adviser has the time and resources to deliver this service to all clients.”

Dillon added that engagement with this service also recognises that not all clients will pay the adviser a fee to facilitate their estate plan and his Legal Concierge offer fills this gap.

Addressing the issue of remuneration for risk specialist advisers, Dillon noted: “With reduced commissions it provides the opportunity for the risk specialist to charge a client fee to facilitate their estate planning through The Legal Hub which averages between $1,000 and $1,500, or refer the client to the Legal Concierge and we will do it on their behalf.”