New Online Client-Facing Fact Find Launched


Following successful beta testing, Padua has launched Capri – a new ‘client-facing’ digital fact find that, the company says, makes this important step in the advice journey simpler, quicker and more accurate for advisers and their clients.

A statement from the company says that Capri solves a “long-standing challenge” for advisers by making the process of obtaining pre-meeting information less overwhelming for clients and less time-consuming for advisers.

It states it is the only solution that:

  • Fully integrates with advice practice software
  • Can send clients relevant sections in stages
  • Provides a custom-branded solution that looks and feels like the practice’s own branding
Matthew Esler …they’ll have the data they need to have proactive advice conversations…

The company says that the software also uses one-time password authentication – providing an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised access to client data.

Padua Co-founder Matthew Esler says the software helps advisers “make the right first impression with a seamless digital experience, and reduces the time they spend chasing, gathering and entering client data”.

“This in turn means the first meeting can be more meaningful – they’ll have the data they need to have proactive advice conversations and start modelling different options.”

…advisers could save around 20 minutes during the fact find process…

The company says that beta testing indicates advisers could save around 20 minutes during the fact find process “…improving efficiency by around 65 percent”.

“It also revealed a significant improvement in client engagement, with an enhanced digital experience and the ability to tailor the fact find according to client and adviser needs.”

Anne-Marie Esler …a clear eye on enhancing the quality of advice …

Advisers can customise client communication, the online portal and PDF outputs with their practice’s branding.

“Advisers told us clients were overwhelmingly positive about their new technology, and appreciated not needing to bombard people with too many questions,” says Esler.

“They can choose which pathways to send them, and exceptions reporting makes it easier to identify any gaps. This allows them to quickly prioritise client solutions.”

The company says the system offers pull-and-push integration with Xplan and other financial advice practice software. It also fully integrates with Padua’s adviser-led fact find, Sorrento.

“We’re continuing to develop our technology with a clear eye on enhancing the quality of advice, and the efficiency of its generation,” says Padua Co-founder Anne-Marie Esler. “Advisers can use this SaaS technology on its own, but the data will also flow into our advice request technology, saving even more time…”

The company adds that Capri is now available as part of a ‘fact-find bundle’ with Sorrento, and can be up and running within a day.