The Riskinfo Story of the Week raises the prospect of an alternative future for risk specialists, with feedback provided to one advice network suggesting many advisers are not aware of all the options that may exist for them, depending on their circumstances…

Many risk advisers contemplating their future beyond the end of this year remain unaware of the options available to them – especially in the area of general advice, says Life Plan FP’s Mark Dorling.

According to Dorling, whose licensee firm joined the Australian Advisory group of AFSL businesses earlier this year, at least 70% of the 237 advisers the group has surveyed had no idea that they can transition most of their risk clients to a general advice model.

If they are ‘risk-only’ clients and don’t have complex advice needs, many may be able to be served on a general advice basis, says Dorling, while those with more complex needs would still require personal financial advice.

…their time and workload has been reduced by up to 60% for those clients that have been transitioned to a general advice service model

Life Plan FP’s Mark Dorling …70% of risk advisers unaware of the general advice transition model option

Dorling adds that feedback the group has received from advisers who operate under both models is that their time and workload has been reduced by up to 60% for those clients that have been transitioned to a general advice service model.

For this reason, one of the key messages from Dorling – at least for risk specialist advisers – is that a general advice service offer may be their best option beyond 2021, irrespective of whether the adviser has passed or will pass the FASEA exam.

He says those predominantly risk advisers who pass the FASEA exam can transition suitable clients to a general advice model, while retaining personal advice for the rest of their base.

For those who have not or will not pass the FASEA exam, for whatever reason, one of their key options that will delay their departure from their business and from the sector remains the general advice path, says Dorling.

Dorling’s Life Plan FP dealer group continues to press its agenda, as previously reported, that risk focussed and risk specialist advisers don’t necessarily have to sell their business and leave the industry if they ultimately don’t pass the FASEA exam or achieve minimum education qualifications by 1 January 2026.

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  1. Implementing General advice within your risk business makes a lot of sense. I agree with Mark that not all risk clients are suitable, but for those that are, General Advice would definitely help the adviser in having the process a lot more stream lined and efficient to put some insurance in place. which can take some of the current pressures of the industry off

    great article from RIskinfo

  2. Mark is correct in that there is scope for all Advisers to stay in the Industry and provide a profitable and very necessary service for their clients around Insurance.

  3. Only issue I see is you already “know the client”, can you really just give general advice especially when taking into consideration the insane FArSEA rules. Not being negative to the idea just wondering if the powers to be will come after this model next! Easy targets that we are.

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