Latest Poll – Your Advice Future

What will it mean for your advice career if the Government implements its proposed Experience Pathway?
  • It will make no difference to my future advice career (53%)
  • It will definitely prolong my career as an adviser (31%)
  • It will probably prolong my career as an adviser (12%)
  • Not sure yet (4%)

Having established the majority of advisers support the Government’s Experience Pathway proposal, our latest poll seeks to explore what this will mean for your future.

While six in ten of those who voted in our most recent poll support the Experience Pathway proposal, this doesn’t translate into six in 10 advisers now looking to extend their career beyond 1 January 2026, when the mandated Qualifications Pathway developed by FASEA comes into effect. Nor does it mean, however, that if you’re part of the significant group (36%) who don’t support the Experience Pathway that it won’t still have an impact when it comes to the potential to extend your career beyond 1 January 2026.

Offering the Experience Pathway …simplifies the minimum education requirements for advisers and better recognises the value of on-the-job experience…

One of the fundamental arguments outlined by the Government in proposing its Experience Pathway is that this pathway accords with its “…commitment to ensuring Australians have access to high quality, affordable financial advice.” Offering the Experience Pathway, argues the Government, simplifies the minimum education requirements for advisers and better recognises the value of on-the-job experience for advisers of good standing with 10 or more years of experience.

While debate will continue over whether the Government has gone too far in only requiring proposed Experience Pathway advisers to successfully complete a tertiary level ethics subject, we’re keen to know what this will actually mean for you in the reality of your career circumstances.

Will the proposed Experience Pathway breathe new life into your advice career options beyond 1 January 2026? Will it mean that both your current and future clients will benefit from the value of your experience as an adviser well beyond 1 January 2026? Or will the Experience Pathway have little-to-no impact on your future advice career plans?

The proposed future education pathways for financial advisers, including the Experience Pathway, as outlined in the Government’s Education Standards for Advisers policy paper, released just before Christmas. Click to view a larger image.


  1. A clear, concise and fair set of rules and Regulations will be a good start to not only encouraging remaining experienced Advisers to stay in the Industry, but also to be able to make it affordable for Practice owners to bring on more Advisers and to bring expenses down so more Australians can get affordable advice.

    With most things I do, if it involves using the services of a Business or person, experience is the most important consideration for me, so why is experience for Advisers being treated as if it is not an integral part of what it is they provide and that it should be pushed down below theory based study in importance, or even the ability to continue in their line of work.

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