Advice Practice Celebrates $300M Milestone in Clients’ Insurance Claims


A long-running risk advice practice has announced it has reached a milestone of $300 million in insurance claims for its clients.

Australian Financial Risk Management which is soon to celebrate its 27th birthday, says in a statement that it prides itself on “…providing best practice advice with a caring, empathetic, and personal claims management experience for its clients.”

Rob Vitnell

The company’s Managing Director, Rob Vitnell says the firm is proud that it’s there for its clients at their time of need.

He says that clients and their families face significant challenges when they suffer injuries or illnesses that prevent them working or when a family member unexpectedly passes away.

“We understand how stressful and challenging these situations can be, and we are here to hold their hand and actively manage their claims for them. We are with our clients from start to finish,” he says.

Dan Musumeci, Senior Adviser and AFRM Partner from the Sydney office, says the  company has sound relationships with insurers that enable the best outcomes possible for its clients.

…We are not afraid to challenge insurance company decisions…

“We are not afraid to challenge insurance company decisions and our length of time in the business means their senior management give us the respect to listen.”

The firm says it understands that client’s insurances need to be reviewed and adjusted in line with the changes in life stages and circumstances. It regularly sends clients details of their current policies and offers a full review to ensure the appropriate risk strategy remains in place.

AFRM also thanked its financial adviser referral partners in reaching the milestone.

A personal story

Vitnell also outlined a personal story on how the company helped one of its clients.

He says as part of this client’s long-term strategy towards retirement “…we planned a gradual reduction in insurance coverage over time. In our recent review, the client was due to retire within the year and requested to fast-track the insurance reduction strategy, including cancelling trauma cover.”

Vitnell says the company remained comfortable with the reduction strategy “…but advised it would be prudent for the client to get a check-up with the GP first before making changes. The client got back to us following his GP check-up, letting us know our advice literally saved his life. He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and was immediately going in for treatment.”

Vitnell says this was a great outcome “…most importantly for his health, and secondarily he claimed over $300,000 in trauma cover benefits.”


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