Count Completes Diverger Acquisition


Count has announced the completion of its acquisition of Diverger, noting it will now have more than 550 financial advisers.

Hugh Humphrey, Count CEO, says the completion of the acquisition “…is a material structural development in the Australian wealth management advice landscape, and a pinnacle moment in the company’s 44-year history.”

Hugh Humphrey

Humphrey says the network now represents over 590 accountants, in excess of 550 financial advisers and a greatly expanded suite of services (see: Count Acquires Diverger).

He adds that through the Diverger acquisition, Count’s firms and their clients will access benefits through a range of “…new services and investment options, including technical support, tax training, separately managed accounts and IT services.”

In noting that an important strategic driver for this acquisition was for Count to significantly expand its Services segment  Humphrey adds ”… there are material scale benefits that come from being one of Australia’s largest integrated accounting, wealth and services providers, including the ability to secure better rates on platforms, insurances, technology and research services.”

“This new chapter for Count enables us to offer high-quality, holistic financial services to more clients in Australia,” he says.