Client Risk Matrix – Your Verdict

Would you consider building a client risk matrix into your life insurance advice process?
  • Yes (61%)
  • No (20%)
  • Not sure (19%)

A clear majority of the adviser community appears to support the idea of building a client risk matrix into their life insurance advice process.

As we go to press our latest poll has found that six out of 10 respondents would consider building such a matrix into their life insurance advice process.

However, more than one in five of those responding (22%) would not be open to the idea, while the remaining 18% are not sure.

As we reported earlier, a client risk matrix process has been advocated as a way to develop a consistent and workable approach towards delivering and implementing fit-for-purpose life insurance advice recommendations (see: Risk Matrix Pathway…).

Shared with adviser audiences around the country at Riskinfocus 24 by TAL’s Scott Hoger and David Glen, the risk tolerance matrix is intended as a tool which can be used by any financial adviser having life insurance conversations with their clients. Hoger and Glen see it as totally transparent, consistent, repeatable and fit-for-purpose for almost any client scenario.

Our poll remains open for another week and we welcome your thoughts…