ANZ Campaign Will Promote OnePath Products And Services

ANZ Wealth has launched an advertising and awareness campaign to promote its OnePath brand, including its life insurance offerings, to both advisers and consumers.

ANZ Group Executive Wealth Australia, Alexis George

The Pathways to Better campaign will highlight the 140-year history of ANZ and OnePath providing financial guidance to Australians and working with advisers to provide products, support and tools to help consumers reach their goals.

ANZ Wealth Group Executive, Alexis George, said the campaign, which will run from March until September, will include activity and product updates and focus on the work of advisers as well as ANZ staff.

“Our business is based on strong and enduring partnerships with advisers and their customers. We want to celebrate this as well as recognising our rich shared history and sustainable future,” George said.

“Our business is based on strong and enduring partnerships with advisers and their customers…”

“It’s easy to focus on brand names or product features and enhancements. But while they are important, at the heart of this campaign is celebrating the enduring focus and expertise of our people and the work they do each day to create an even better experience for advisers, members and customers,” George said.

From the insurance perspective, the campaign will focus on

  • ANZ’s ongoing development of its life insurance Essentials products
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence to deliver predictive underwriting
  • The Beddoes Institute’s recognition of ANZ Wealth’s fastest claim turnaround time
  • ANZ’s 15-year support of the Association of Financial Adviser’s Rising Star Award.

The campaign follows a number of announcements from ANZ that it had sold its investments and non-bank advice businesses (see: ANZ Wealth to Keep Insurance on the Table) and its life insurance operations (see: Zurich Purchases ANZ’s OnePath Life Business).