Integrated Data Tools to Speed Claims Process


Health care services facilitator Unified Healthcare Group (UHG) has partnered with a claims management software provider to greater access to medical information and records to reduce the time required to process a life insurance claim.

UHG Chief Executive, Rob Farmer

UHG stated that it has integrated its platform with that of ClaimVantage which will allow claims managers to search more than 50,000 healthcare providers, place orders, track status and receive information back from UHG’s medEbridge platform, from within ClaimVantage’s software.

The two platforms share a number of life insurance clients and UHG Chief Executive, Rob Farmer said these companies would benefit from the new partnership as claims managers would save time and consumer health information would be more accurate and secure.

Farmer added that UHG and ClaimVantage would look to extend the integration to include a broader range of health services including medical specialists and rehabilitation providers.

“For claims managers using the ClaimVantage solution, it makes sense to make this available to them all in the one place,” he said.