MDRT Inaugural Global Conference Wrap


Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) held its inaugural Global Conference in Sydney last week, increasing its cross-continent representation for the association’s 72,000 life insurance and financial services members from around the world.

The Conference ran from 1-4 September, offering 8,000 delegates professional development and networking opportunities, inspiration and tips from long-standing members and motivational speakers.

Regina Bedoya, a 26-year member, became the 94th President during the Conference, succeeding 32-year member, Queensland adviser, Ross Vanderwolf, who became the Immediate Past President.

“MDRT’s most valuable asset is its membership, and we continue to invest in initiatives that enhance benefits, allow our members to truly experience the magic of MDRT, access colleagues from around the world and bring us closer to our full human potential,” Bedoya said.

“Our diverse leadership team is determined to inspire collaboration across borders and promote limitless growth for our members through more accessible global offerings.”

MDRT 94th President, Regina Bedoya

The opening ceremony was charged with energy, openness and about sharing knowledge. It also included a flag ceremony showcasing the many different countries represented at the conference.

Bedoya shared her own moving life story of hardship and determination to a packed audience, one among many inspiring, uplifting presentations made over the four days.

Throughout the event, many speakers referred to the Whole Person Concept, providing resources and tips to members on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle and keep a holistic outlook on life.

The ConneXion Zone was available during the entire conference and offered over 100 quick-hit sessions with valuable takeaways for advisers including:

  • New business ideas
  • Productivity tips
  • Practice management
  • Marketing
  • Mentoring
  • Goal-setting

MDRT Speaks was a particular standout – a three hour session involving fast-paced presentations from 21 MDRT members from around the world (see: Bright Ideas Shared at MDRT Global Conference…).

The main platform sessions were packed with motivational speakers sharing how to work smarter, not harder and included interactive presentations and musical performances.

Australian and Kiwi delegates convened for an ANZAC night on the Sydney Darling Harbour waterfront to celebrate MDRT and to reconnect with and meet new fellow members.

Industry experts and thought leaders presented innovative ideas and opportunities, as key notes and also in focus sessions which covered topics such as:

  • Tactics for peak performance
  • Growing together with great clients
  • Relationship building with high net worth clients
  • Embracing innovation

One particular focus session saw communications expert, Jane Anderson, speak on how to go from adviser to influencer.

“We’re all in the business of trying to help people create safety and security for their future,” she explained. “What is it about you that will shift you from not just your title but an influencer who your own clients are beyond excited to work with?”

She said advisers need to do three things:

1. Increase trust and position yourself as the authority that you are.

2. Identify your specific gaps that are holding you back in your communications for growth.

3. Define the key actions you need to take to close those gaps.

“What we’re talking about is you having a voice and having a greater influence in being able to communicate your value and attract and maintain your clients.”

Communications expert, Jane Anderson, speaks on how to go from adviser to influencer

The 2020 MDRT Global Conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.