Latest Poll – High FASEA Exam Pass Rate


I'm confident I will pass the FASEA Adviser Exam

  • Agree (42%)
  • Not sure (35%)
  • Disagree (23%)

We’re keen to establish your confidence level around passing the FASEA Adviser Exam.

After two series to date, where the pass rates have come in at 90+ percent (June 2019) and 88+ percent (September 2019), we’re thinking these results may have delivered a confidence boost to at least a section of the adviser community who may previously have questioned their ability to pass this mandated requirement.

We asked a similar question a few months ago, but that related more to your optimism around your future. Similar, but not the same!

Injecting some pragmatism into the equation, we think it’s possible that the June and September 2019 exam series ‘early adopters’ don’t necessarily represent a benchmark for the entire adviser community. This early cohort of advisers probably held a higher level of confidence than average – but we’d like to be proven wrong.

This exam is intended to be generic from a product perspective. It’s intended to test these three domains of skill and knowledge:

  • Financial advice regulatory and legal obligations
  • Applied ethical and professional reasoning and communication
  • Financial advice construction

We’ll have a better sense of the average pass rate after the December 2019 exam series, where 3,286 advisers will join the combined total of 2,276 who ran the gauntlet in June and September.

There are a host of other issues that may impact the future viability of the advice business in which you work, but for the purpose of this latest poll, what does the high pass rate experienced in the first two exam series (for those yet to take the exam) mean for your confidence?

Tell us what you think and we’ll report back next week…