Latest Poll – Pricing Advice


Over the past few years who have you most relied on for offering support and advice around setting your pricing model?

  • Myself (53%)
  • My close peer group (23%)
  • My licensee (10%)
  • Other or N/A (6%)
  • My clients (5%)
  • My business coach (3%)
  • My industry association (1%)

A highly-engaging and interactive webinar last week discussed the hot topic of whether the pricing model for financial advice needs to change in light of the changing world we are living in.

Hosted by The Advice Movement’s Steve Crawford, and featuring Elixir Consulting’s Andrew George and Graham Burnard, the maximum-capacity webinar delved into why an effective pricing model is far more than just numbers. It considered the importance of having a strong pricing methodology and how often it should be reviewed.

We will report on the webinar in an upcoming edition of our Adviser Focus article series, but in the meantime, one of the poll questions put to advisers during the webinar asked who they rely on to help them set their advice pricing model.

We thought we’d ask you the same question and would value your feedback. Tell us what you think and we’ll report back next week…


  1. I didn’t see the webinar but can someone confirm whether this pricing model is about fees for Financial Planning services and whether or not it included risk insurance.

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