New Value-Added Service Offer


Insurance-focussed advice business, Certe Wealth Protection, has launched a new service designed to add value for the employees of its client businesses.

The service offers access to a mental health app, Thrive: Mental Wellbeing, which is described in a release as Europe’s leading mental health app.

The app, which is subject to an exclusive distribution arrangement via Certe for the Australian market, features a range of psychological tools and techniques that, according to Certe, “…are clinically effective at helping people develop resilience and feel empowered to tackle life’s challenges.”

Certe CEO, Founder and principal risk adviser, Jeremy Boller …looking for new ways to add value

Currently utilised by 3.3 million employees globally, the app is designed for distribution through employers, charities and other organisations for the purpose of:

  • Increasing staff and member engagement
  • Identifying, tracking and eliminating specific sources of stress
  • Aiding data-driven decision-making

This package is intended by Certe to act as a value-added service which it can offer to both its existing and future business clients, which include corporates and professional services firms.

According to Certe CEO, Jeremy Boller, Thrive is a practical, scalable and cost effective solution for employers and other organisations who are looking to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace, offer valuable employee benefits and address Australia’s soaring rates of mental illness:

“Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the mental wellbeing of their staff,” says Boller, “…and through our partnership with Thrive, they can customise and roll-out their own company-branded mental health app.”

Intended to complement existing, traditional Employee Assistance Programs, the Thrive app package includes the opportunity for employees to privately complete a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy program and chat online to qualified psychologists.

Boller notes Thrive is about being pro-active in improving mental wellness across his firm’s client base: “In time, it will help reduce the rates of mental illness,” he says.


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