Q&A Service Offer for Advising on Risk


Industry elder statesman, Russell Collins, is set to initiate a Q&A service for advisers seeking direction in delivering life insurance advice solutions to their clients.

Intended to be structured as live, ‘real-time’ online support, Collins’ offer follows the recent launch of an audio version of his best-selling book, Skills That Succeed (see: Launch of Audio Book for Risk Advisers).

Collins told Riskinfo he is regularly asked questions about how to engage a client in certain situations and what he would do if faced with certain issues. While his feedback to date offers ‘one-on-one’ assistance, he says many advisers will either ask the same or similar questions, and not everyone has a chance to access his response.

Russell Collins …seeking to reach more peers in offering his Q&A video service

Each month, Collins plans to review the questions submitted to him and respond via a video link, so that many more advisers will have the opportunity to benefit from the conversation around that particular question or issue.

This Q&A video support offer is free of charge for any adviser seeking to tap into the stocks of wisdom gained by Collins during his 40+ years as an active adviser delivering life insurance advice solutions to thousands of his clients.

The nature of this offer also represents a different way to add value in a period during which many in the advice sector in turn are being forced to re-shape the nature of their own service offer and how they add value for their own current and future clients.

Collins’ website, Risk Insurance Communication Skills, will shortly provide links and more details about the new video service and will also help guide advisers to various chapters of his audio book where they can reflect on various topics at their leisure.