Launch of Audio Book for Risk Advisers


Life industry legend, Russell Collins, has launched an audio version of his acclaimed soft skills best-seller, Skills That Succeed.

Positioned as a communication guide for financial advisers, Collins’ book shares the priceless wisdom he has gained during the 40-plus years of his experiences as a high-achieving risk-focussed adviser in Australia.

Initially released in 2015 in hard copy and ebook editions (click here), this latest audio book version has been launched with Millennial and Gen Z advisers in mind in particular, many of whom share a preference to access learning and knowledge via an audio format rather than the more traditional hard copy option.

Life insurance industry legend, Russell Collins …helping advisers answer the four critical questions asked by every prospective client

The book offers tips and wisdom in voluminous quantities and, according to its author, serves in part to compensate for the lack of soft skills knowledge and training opportunities available for today’s generation of financial advisers.

While the books’ 15 chapters cover a lot of territory – from the importance of preparation to the power of file notes, prospecting, planning and presenting, plus several chapters relating to the business owner market– Collins told Riskinfo that every element he shares is done so to assist the adviser answer four critical questions that exist in the mind of every prospective client, irrespective of whether those questions are ‘front of mind’:

  1. “Do I like you?”
  2. “Do I trust you?”
  3. “Are you competent?”
  4. “Are you the sort of person who will place my best interests ahead of your own?”

While acknowledging that the requisite product knowledge is an integral component within any adviser’s skill set, Collins told Riskinfo that the ultimate success of an adviser’s business rests not on how much they know about risk insurance products, but rather how well they communicate with people who know nothing about risk insurance products.

He says taking someone from the unknown to the known, through the use of ‘the familiar’, has proven to be a communicative recipe for the success he has experienced during his long and decorated career (see also: Industry Veteran Hounoured with OAM).

On a practical note, Collins says the intention of his book is for it to be a handy resource for advisers to reference any chapter to solve a specific problem, but with the launch of the audio version, he says advisers can now skip direct to the required audio chapter for a quick injection of wisdom.

Advisers can click here to find out more about Russell Collins’ communication guide: Skills That Succeed and/or click here or on the image below to order your hard copy, ebook or audio book version.