Upward Trend in Adviser Numbers Continues


Adviser numbers continue to inch upwards with latest data showing a positive result for the third week in a row.

Wealth Data’s Colin Williams, writing in his Weekly Financial Adviser Movement report, points to a third positive week in adviser numbers with a net gain of 22 advisers, taking the total number of advisers to 16,437.

Williams says that for the financial year to date the growth is now showing adviser numbers up 170 (see: Adviser Numbers Creeping Up).

Colin Williams.

He says there is normally a spike in the early part of the financial year and notes that at the same time last year the adviser numbers had grown by 88.

For the calendar year to date the data is showing a loss of 744, which is “significantly better” than the same time last year when it was a loss of 1,593.

Key adviser movements this week:

  • Net change of advisers – plus 22
  • 37 licensee owners had net gains for 56 advisers
  • 22 licensee owners had net losses for 32 advisers
  • Five new licensees commenced and one ceased
  • Six provisional advisers commenced and one ceased
Courtesy of Wealth Data.