Adviser Numbers Creeping Up


Adviser numbers continue to creep upwards and are now hovering just over 16,400 in total, according to the latest data.

Wealth Data’s Colin Williams says the past week saw a net gain of nine advisers taking the total number of advisers to 16,415 (also see: Adviser Numbers Show Green Shoots).

Colin Williams …the calendar YTD data makes for interesting reading

Williams sees this as a positive week noting that most resignations are posted to the previous financial year and appointments posted for this financial year, “…giving a plus 143 net growth this financial year.”

Key adviser movements this week:

  • Net Change of advisers – plus nine
  • 32 Licensee Owners had net gains for 54 advisers
  • 30 Licensee Owners had net losses for 42 advisers
  • Four new licensees commenced and two ceased
  • Three provisional advisers commenced and one ceased

Williams adds that as a result of the flurry of movement around the end and start of the financial year, the calendar YTD data makes for interesting reading.

He says Count Group has extended its growth to plus 36, Castleguard Trust (Lifespan) and now Centrepoint is at plus 13, with Steinhardt Group (Infocus) at plus 11.

As for the losses, Williams points to Insignia at minus 138 and AMP Group at minus 73, adding that Craigs Investment Partners, which is now closed, is at minus 66 and WT Financial Group is at minus 53.