ClearView Service Initiative


ClearView Wealth has released a series of videos intended to demystify the financial advice process and reinforce the benefits of professional advice.

ClearView GM Distribution, Christopher Blaxland-Walker

Called Advice under the bonnet, this generic, non-branded video series breaks the advice process into three parts:

  1. Professional financial advice – what is it and how does it work?
  2. Your financial plan – what’s involved in preparing a robust strategy?
  3. Putting your plan into action – Implementing the recommendations

According to ClearView, this initiative has been created “…in response to growing demand from advisers for high quality client-facing resources to support client acquisition, client engagement and practice development in the wake of the Royal Commission.”

This three-part video set forms one component of ClearView’s Future of Advice initiative, which includes a suite of unbranded client-facing articles and resources.

ClearView’s GM Distribution, Christopher Blaxland-Walker, commented that it has never been more important for advisers to clearly articulate the work they do and to possess the personal insight, technical knowledge and experience required to deliver holistic strategic advice:

…people won’t opt-in for services they don’t value

“Clients need to be reminded constantly, and particularly right now, of the benefits of professional advice,” he said, adding: “There are changes coming down the line such as annual opt-in requirements and restrictions on the fees that can be paid from superannuation accounts which means advisers must reinforce their value because people won’t opt-in for services they don’t value.”

Blaxland-Walker acknowledged product manufacturers also had a responsibility to help educate consumers about the need to protect and grow their wealth: “ We may not be able to convince everyone but we can clearly map out the advice process for consumers to make an informed decision based on facts.”