Natural Disaster Training Course for Advisers


Insurer TAL is launching a new course to help financial advisers support customers impacted by natural disasters.

Run through TAL’s Risk Academy, the insurer says in a statement the course will focus on supporting customers who may be experiencing trauma or grief as a result of natural disasters.

It will be delivered by Glenn Baird, TAL’s Head of Mental Health, and Nicole Sadler, Head of Policy and Practice at Phoenix Australia, a not-for-profit organisation specialising in post-traumatic mental health.

TAL’s Glenn Baird …..Financial advisers can play an important role in helping their impacted customers.

Baird notes that Australians and their families have been impacted by a range of significant natural disasters recently “and dealing with the aftermath of these events can be incredibly difficult for those left with the overwhelming task of rebuilding their homes, businesses and communities”.

“Studies show that those impacted can experience adverse changes to their mental health due to the stresses brought about by the effects of natural disasters on their income, accommodation or personal relationships,” he says.

“Financial advisers can play an important role in helping their impacted customers to deal with these challenges and TAL’s Risk Academy course will cover the ways that advisers can support these recovery efforts.”

Baird says the Risk Academy course will include a Q&A session between advisers and Sadler, a clinical psychologist from Phoenix Australia, and will discuss the different effects natural disasters can have on mental health as well as how to navigate difficult or upsetting conversations.

TAL says its Risk Academy course, Natural disasters: Supporting clients experiencing trauma and grief, launches as a live webinar on 26 February. For more information or to enrol in the course, advisers can click here.

The statement notes too that Phoenix Australia is “the national centre of excellence in post-traumatic mental health and a not-for-profit organisation internationally recognised for its research, policy and training programmes.” It works with individuals, organisations and the community to understand, prevent and promote recovery from the adverse effects of trauma.


  1. It will get worse!! most older advisers at least? are just “:hanging in” until they can set an exit strategy or find a buyer willing to pay them what the business is truly worth. Pass the FAESA exam and give yourself a few years grace ? Has anyone been counting new arrivals to the financial services industry ? Should not need a calculator for that one.
    Only the most hardened and cash backed new ones will survive. For those of you who at least have a trial commission after years of dedicating yourself to your clients and business would surely understand how hard it would be to survive { not that it is not now !} without it.
    Lambs to the slaughter ! that’s us and the AFA and FPA are steering the flock.

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