Coronavirus – OnePath Life and Zurich


OnePath Life/Zurich has assured policy-holders that there are no inbuilt pandemic style exclusions in a OnePath or Zurich life insurance policy purchased through an adviser that would prevent the paying out of a claim related to Coronavirus.

In a statement outlining what clients need to know regarding Coronavirus, the two insurers state that, from February 2020, new policy applications for OnePath Life/Zurich policies through an adviser, may see clients asked some additional travel and exposure questions during the application.

“Depending on your response, your application may be referred for further assessment. You may be asked to provide further information or have cover deferred until you have returned from overseas and/or are cleared of any symptoms,” the statement says.

“At our core, our business is here to help in times of need,” it adds.

The statement notes the insurers are “…carefully monitoring the situation and we have a pandemic risk management plan in place should the situation escalate to ensure essential functions, such as dealing with claims and customer enquiries, are prioritised”.

The statement outlines a series of questions and answers including:

I have an existing OnePath Life/Zurich policy obtained through my financial adviser – am I covered if I contract coronavirus?

You will be covered for Coronavirus as long as you:

  • Contracted the virus after your policy started, and
  • Your policy is in force, and
  • You satisfy the other terms and conditions of your policy (including duty of disclosure).

 Will I still be covered if I travel?

Yes. OnePath Life/Zurich provides worldwide insurance cover 24 hours a day.

What types of cover can I claim on for Coronavirus?

The following cover types may provide cover for Coronavirus if you meet the policy terms:

  • Life Cover – Pays a benefit to your beneficiaries or estate if you pass away
  • Income Secure Cover – Pays a monthly benefit if you’re unable to work due to a sickness or injury after your waiting period expires
  • Business Expenses Cover – Pays a monthly benefit if you’re unable to work due to a sickness or injury after your waiting period expires.