AIA Health – Mental Wellbeing Steps from AFL Players and Execs


A mental health roundtable discussion, hosted by AIA Health and AFL commentator Hamish McLachlan, featured AFL players and executives discussing how they have managed their mental health through 2020.

Called Beyond the Boundary, the roundtable panel included:

  • Former AFL player and Puka Up podcast host Wayne Schwass
  • Former AFL player Shane Crawford
  • CEO of Essendon Football Club Xavier Campbell
  • Hawthorn AFL player James Worpel
  • CEO of AIA Australia Damien Mu
  • AIA Vitality Ambassador Dr Jaime Lee
  • AIA’s Head of Wellbeing, Candice Smith

The AIA website highlights six steps on managing mental well-being learnt from these AFL players and executives and others featured in the roundtable.

  1. There’s no shame in talking about your feelings
  2. A mental toolkit or regular practice is extremely important
  3. Social connections are more important than ever
  4. We need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable
  5. Leaders must lead by example
  6. Silence the inner critic

More details about these six key steps can be accessed here.

Watch Beyond the Boundary with AFL players here, and with AFL industry stakeholders.


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