MLC Life Insurance Appoints New Chief Claims Officer


MLC Life Insurance has appointed Andrew Beevors as its new Chief Claims Officer, reporting directly to CEO, Rodney Cook, as a member of his leadership team.

A statement from the company says that Beevors will be responsible for all aspects of claims handling and management and lead a team of more than 300 claims professionals.

He will replace Jane Dorter, who has been on secondment since April 2020 from her leadership role of KPMG’s Insurance Claims Solutions and Workplace Health division.

Andrew Beevors.

The insurer says that Beevors is an experienced financial services executive, having been employed in various roles within the insurance industry over the past 20 years.

It says that prior to joining MLC Life Insurance, he “…played a key role in modernising QBE’s Workers Compensation Claims model. More recently, he oversaw the re-imagining of QBE’s general insurance claims offering, delivering market leading customer experiences.”

Cook says Beevor’s appointment will be important to help fulfil the insurer’s ambition to build the industry’s leading claims function and that he is delighted Beevors is joining the company.

“Our ambition is to be Australia’s leading and most trusted life insurer. What underpins that is delivering for our customers with speed, fairness, and empathy when they need it most – at claim time.”

The insurer says that in 2020, it paid more than $1.1 billion in claims to customers and that it has the shortest claims processing times in the sector across a range of categories, including claims for death (super), TPD (retail), Income Protection (retail), and CCI.

Beevors commences on August 16.