Integrity Life has taken what it says is a bold step to remove the long-standing industry norm of charging premium loadings for monthly life insurance policies.

Applying to all new business from 6 September 2021, the insurer says it is taking “…an industry stand by removing unnecessary and archaic fees to make it more affordable for everyday Australians to get protected.”

It states that the premium loading being removed by Integrity ranges with other insurers from seven percent to eight percent.

Sean McCormack…a significant shift in the company’s focus as an insurer…

The insurer adds that as a result of other changes, it has also “significantly reshaped” its premium rates which reduce the cost of life insurance across a broad range of demographics and that this will allow more Australians to get adequate protection at an affordable price.

MD and CEO, Sean McCormack says this represents a significant shift in the company’s focus as an insurer towards providing protection for more everyday Australians.

“As a digital first insurer we have both the capability and modern customer experience that is aligned with what these everyday Australians expect and need in our changing and evolving world,” he says.

…Life insurance can’t remain analog in the digital age…

“Life insurance can’t remain analog in the digital age, and this is a further step to help provide protection for more Australians,” he states.

“This combined with our laser-like focus on operational efficiency for our partners, means we have a compelling proposition to take to mainstream Australia and deliver meaningful benefits to them by being insured with a modern, contemporary insurer.”

Russell Hannah…the insurer believes that clients should be able to pay by the month at no extra cost…

GM of Sales, Marketing, CX and Product, Russell Hannah says the insurer believes that clients should be able to pay by the month at no extra cost.

“The long-standing industry practice of charging a loading for monthly insurance premiums just doesn’t stack up anymore. It imposes an unnecessary cost on policyholders at a time when affordability is such a critically important consideration for most everyday Australians.”

Archaic industry practices

“We believe it’s time that we move on from such archaic industry practices and open our industry up to more customers who need the peace of mind of being adequately protected,” Hannah adds.

The statement says that Integrity has significantly reshaped pricing in key demographics it says represents mainstream Australia, “a segment that has often been overlooked.”

It says these Australians need good quality, holistic advice matched by affordable insurance packages and solutions.

Hannah outlined the new focus for Integrity.

“When advisers go to their risk research platforms, they’re going to see we’re positioned for packages of Lump Sum cover combined with Income Insurance for clients aged 30-50, in white and light-blue occupations in particular.

…we strongly believe these shorter-term benefit periods are the future for this type of cover…

“What they will also see is we have made two-and five-year Income Insurance benefit periods more attractive as we strongly believe these shorter-term benefit periods are the future for this type of cover.”

Hannah says that based on Integrity’s research, approximately 40 percent of working Australians are in this demographic, …”making them a critical part of our economic viability as a nation.”

“Therefore, we want to make sure they are adequately protected at an affordable price.”

He says the company has also worked hard to invest in its digital application process “… so that advisers can service these clients in a way that still remains profitable for them and their business.”

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  1. Like most I’m still suffering from archaic industry practices wrought at MLC. I fear I’ll never be finding integrity again.

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