Online Course to Increase Financial Literacy


Financial adviser Jessica Brady has launched an online financial literacy course called the Greenhouse to help young people manage and grow their money.

“I know that seeking financial advice can be daunting and expensive which is why I want to help young people get ahead without breaking the bank,” she says.

“Lifting the veil on how to build wealth, create realistic financial goals, and manage money without shame or guilt will support creating better equality for all. That’s the primary driver for building the Greenhouse.

Jessica Brady, hoping to help young people manage their money.

Brady says demystifying finances and engaging in a more transparent conversation is critical to closing the generational wealth gap.

According to research commissioned by Brady, money is still seen as a taboo topic for Australians with just one in seven (13%) adults thinking that money is a topic that should be talked about openly.

“The research found that Millennials and Gen X are more likely than Baby Boomers to say that they are not comfortable having conversations about money with their partner,” says Brady.

The Greenhouse course runs for 10 weeks, costs $500 for ‘foundation members’, and starts on 28 February.

Course chapters include:

  • Understand your money
  • Goals and values
  • Cashflow
  • Debt
  • Property

Brady has more than 16 years’ experience in the industry working with companies such as Macquarie Bank, CBA, and Zurich.