Boutique Financial Licensing Offer Launched


Dirigere Advisory has relaunched as Intelligent Planning, a boutique financial licensing offering, operating through the Dirigere licence.

Intelligent Planning’s Managing Director, Phil Osborne says the company saw a gap in the financial planning landscape “…between what today’s professional financial adviser community … wants from a licensee and what the market currently delivers. Intelligent Planning is designed to help fill that gap.”

Phil Osborne

Other Intelligent Planning founding members include Damian Grimes, a former Rothschilds UK financial adviser, who is CIO, and former Synchron State Manager and financial adviser, Matthew Wallis, who is Advice Distribution Manager.

Osborne says that listening to the firm’s financial advice practices informed the Intelligent Planning offer, noting that key elements include “…a flat licence pricing model, the ability for advisers to speak directly with an internal industry expert on a peer-to-peer basis and a culture of community.”

All initial founders will have equal shares in the company and the group is offering a further, equivalent share to be divided amongst the first wave of founding advisers.

…We are offering our first advisers a degree of ownership …

“We are offering our first advisers a degree of ownership in Intelligent Planning and therefore guaranteeing we hear their voices about how we operate,’  Osborne says.

Practices with Intelligent Planning include Wallis’ Sydney-based business, Beta Advice, Canberra-based Hayes & Co, operated by Katherine Hayes, who also sits on the FAAA Board, and Perth group, NOR Financial, which services the medical fraternity, owned by Shaun Clements.

The company will be part of Intelligent Money Partnership, an integrated financial services offer, currently in development.