New AIA Premium Discount Offer


AIA Australia has introduced a new premium discount offer for eligible clients taking out AIA Australia lump sum policies.

AIA Australia’s Pina Sciarrone

Under its “A Better Break” campaign, which commenced this week, the insurer says customers will receive a 17.5 percent premium discount on all eligible new business Priority Protection or Priority Protection for Platform Investors Lump Sum policies that are submitted with a new AIA Vitality membership application.

This offer, which also incorporates a two-year policy fee waiver, replaces previous campaigns, where AIA Australia offered a 12.5 percent and then a 15 percent discount for similar eligible lump sum new business (see: AIA Australia Increases Premium Discount…).

The insurer notes other incentives for its customers include:

  • An upfront premium discount of 7.5 percent on eligible Income Protection benefits where AIA Vitality is attached to the policy
  • A 12.5 per cent bundled discount (applied to Lump Sum premiums only) when the policy holder submits/holds both an eligible Lump Sum and Income Protection policy
  • A further 5 percent Life and Health discount on eligible Priority Protection and Priority Protection for Platform Investors policies when the policy holder also holds a myOwn health insurance with an AIA Vitality policy

Giving perspective to the new campaign, which will extend until 30 September 2019, AIA Australia’s Chief Retail Insurance Officer, Pina Sciarrone, commented, “AIA understands the importance of our customers taking out insurance policies that support their financial wellbeing if life doesn’t go to plan, while also helping Australians to live healthier, longer, better lives.”

Sciarrone emphasised policy holders could save up to 17.5 percent off the premium for eligible policies and at least $84.26 per annum for the first two years of the policy.