Risk Adviser Branches Out


Specialist Melbourne risk adviser, Aaron Zelman, has launched a new digital will platform service.

The packaged, called Willed, has been positioned as the first of its kind in Australia, and is intended to offer ‘…an online, easy to use and human focused alternative to traditional will kits and expensive legal fees.’

…the first of its kind in Australia

Launched by Zelman and his co-founders last month, the service is designed to offer Australians the opportunity to create a will through the online portal in under 20 minutes. The process is intended to be a streamlined and simplified experience for the user, where they can nominate their executor and their beneficiaries and divide their assets without any friction or complications.

As an adviser of over 15 years, Zelman told Riskinfo he has often found it difficult to get his clients to take the next important step of sorting out their wills and estate planning:

“Ironically, it’s often easier to help people buy a life insurance policy than it is to get them to sort out their wills,” says Zelman, which is one of the reasons which motivated him to launch this new offer.

…it’s often easier to help people buy a life insurance policy than it is to get them to sort out their wills

Launching in March during the COVID-19 crisis has seen what Zelman reflects as a ‘surprising level’ of customers completing their wills, which are priced at $159.

At the same time, however, Zelman (who also founded LinkedIn hub, Australian Risk Advisers) concedes that advice clients will often still need comprehensive estate planning advice, including testamentary trusts, which is not available through the Willed service offer.

“I actually see advisers using Willed as a way to help their clients take the next important step,” says Zelman, who believes this service can offer the opportunity to deliver more professional advice and importantly, make a positive difference for people who would otherwise die intestate.

Click willed.com.au for more details on this new service offer.


  1. Well done to Aaron. He’s very innovative and switched on so deserves his success which I expect is prolific.

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